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Thanks for your request. My piano tuning/service appointments are scheduled for up to 2 full hours in your home and I charge $250 - This allows me time to tune the piano twice for best stability and/or fix some small problems/repairs or make adjustments to the action, pedals, etc. as needed. If more time is needed, all work is based on $150- for the first hour and $125- for subsequent hours.

Please note that I do NOT charge extra for pitch raising or pitch correction. IT IS INCLUDED IN MY PRICE. Many tuners have an additional charge of $100 or more on top of their basic tuning cost to bring your piano up to pitch.

Also note that I do not charge for travel time even though I travel throughout the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Area. I do like to schedule up to 3 clients in a geographic area and are typically booked about 2-4 weeks in advance so please be patient and help me plan ahead.

Thanks again,

Jeffrey Potter

Jeff with floating plate!
Jeff between the plate and the soundboard,
finishing a huge restoration job.
Robin tune güd
"Is this thing on?"
Robin tunes a vintage Steinway at the shop.

Jeff's Update:

In the past, I would tune any piano, large or small, well-maintained or not tuned for years. In my later career now, I am much more picky about what I want to work on and have lost my fantastic employee, so it's hard to keep up with all the requests I get. I prefer to tune grands or quality uprights only. I'm not doing spinets and consoles anymore, and please don't ask me to tune and fix keys on your free Craigslist piano that hasn't been serviced in 30 years. (Sorry, I just don't have the energy anymore.)

My associate/apprentice, Robin Whitehouse has been working with me for 8 years and at this point I consider us equal as piano technicians. You get the same full 2 hour service - This is the better option for pianos that you want to have sound much better but might have not been tuned for a few years. We may prefer to choose which of us comes out, depending on circumstances.

Robin's Update:
Robin has moved to Maryland with his fiancé to be close to her family. For existing clients, he has been returning periodically to continue servicing their pianos.

I need to take a break from tuning to finish up rebuilding projects over the next few months, so I am not taking any new pianos for the time being. Thanks for understanding.