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A Few words about Jeffrey Potter of Santa Cruz Piano

I began my piano career in 1978 working in a piano store owned by an older German gentleman who had apprenticed at the age of 14 at the Schiedmeyer piano factory in Stuttgart way back in 1932. Working on imported top-tier used grands from Europe to restore/sell was an invaluable training ground for a well rounded technical career.
Piano Showroom Jeff at the keyboard
I concurrently set up a home workshop to do my own restorations and refinishing.
Outbuildings Piano Tuning
Announced in the July/1982 Piano Technicians Journal, I had passed my tests to be classified a registered technician in the piano guild. I let my membership lapse in that organization 10 years later so I am not currently a member
Also in 1982, I moved into a co-op industrial workshop with 5 other technicians. What a great experience it was to have so much shared knowledge, ideas and comradery under one roof. We hosted the Piano technician club meetings every month for over 10 years.
Workshop View Workshop View
In 1987 I took a year off to live in Europe, tuning for travel money and visiting the great European factories. I visited/toured Hamburg Steinway, Bechstein, Boesendorfer, Grotrian, Schimmel, Steingraeber, Euterpe, Pfeiffer, Knight, Fazer, Renner, the famous Klavierbaumeister school in Stuttgart, and many smaller restoration shops.
Bechstein Factory
In 1991 I moved to Santa Cruz setting up a new shop and collaborated with a great tech who does excellent soundboard and bridge crafting. Many additional valuable insights passed on from a 3rd generation tech since passed.
Workshop view Workshop view Santa Cruz shop
Soundboard work Gluing ribs to soundboard
In 2003, I opened a showroom to offer/display the many Steinway grands I had restored for resale. (See Restoration Gallery)
Felton store panorama
As concert tuner, I have been lucky to work with some of the worlds greatest artists. (Please see my Concert Tuning list under references) My first big show was James Taylor at Shoreline Amphitheater in the late 80's, Montalvo Arts center from 1995-2013, the Mountain Winery, Kuumbwa Jazz Center (2007-present) and many other shows for Bay Area concert piano rental firms. Pictured is Herbie Hancock's set-up in 2007.
Montalvo Fazioli Tuning at Montalvo, Herbie Hancock
In 2005, I accepted the salaried position of the Music Department Keyboard Technician for the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC). ( I am responsible for 70 instruments including a Bosendorfer Imperial and 3 Steinway Concert grands, 4 harpsichords, virginals, forte-piano and clavichord. Historical tuning systems for early music are my latest area of study.
Tuning at UCSC Tuning at UCSC
In 2006 I took over the only piano store in Santa Cruz County. Buying and selling quality pre-owned and new pianos is a passion of mine.
Capitola store front
I finally have a home in the Santa Cruz mountains with 2000 sq. ft. dedicated to just pianos. I have a large room for grands, another for uprights and a large workshop area. I try to have 25-30 uprights and 16 or so grands available for rent or for sale at all times. And sometimes for home appointments... I'll even wear a sportcoat!
Boulder Creek Workshop Jeffery Potter