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You don't have to settle on your dream piano right away...

One of the options that our customers love is to take home a great piano, but have the flexibility to swap or upgrade without losing any money. How does this work? We give you a couple of options:


Do you want a piano, but are afraid you won't pick the one for you? You can rent a nice piano from us at a competitive price, and commit up to 12 months of payments toward the purchase price of that, or any, of our pianos. This way, you can make sure that you really love the piano you will own. Our pianos in stock are constantly changing, and you can always come back to try out what we have.


Sometimes a customer will outgrow the piano they bought from us. They really loved the piano at the time, but with a few more years' playing experience they want something even better – usually from an upright to a grand piano. Santa Cruz Piano has you covered. You can commit the original purchase price of your piano toward the cost of another piano for up to 5 years!

Let's say you buy a Yamaha U1 from us for your child, for the great price of $3,995. Four years and 8 months later of practicing, your child has grown significantly as a player and is ready to make a categorical leap in their technique. You come back to our store, and your child just loves our 1955 Steinway M 5'7" going for $9,849. Send back your Yamaha, and we'll ship out your new Steinway for $5,856.

Monthly Rental

If you want a piano in your home but are unsure about owning it long-term, this deal is for you. Buying is a commitment after all, and we know it. Many of our pianos are available for rent at very competitive monthly rates. We don't have a separate "only-for-rent" fleet of weathered instruments – we maintain and rent the same instruments that we are proud to sell. And if you later decide that you'd like to buy a piano, you still qualify for our Rent-To-Buy program above, for any piano (not just the one you've been renting).

We strive to provide a wide variety of instruments for a variety of players, homes, budgets, and preferences. Our Piano Inventory is kept up-to-date, but we may have a special something just for you. Give us a call or email now to find out more!