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1978 Yamaha U2 50” w/ silent system




Update: We have installed a Genio Silent System for this piano. This means you can flip a lever which makes the acoustic piano entirely silent, and put on headphones to continue practicing. This is a great feature for young students who need to practice scales that nobody else wants to hear, or for practicing while kids are asleep. Can also be used with computer via MIDI, and has additional built-in sounds. Cost to install is normally $2,400.00 - installation is included in our price. Info about the Genio Silent System here.

A rare sight in the ‘States, this Yamaha U2 is the U1’s larger sibling. Almost exactly the same as a U1, it sports an extra 2”, meaning that there is more bass, a little more cabinet resonance, and an overall larger sound. The U3 is 52” and typically costs a bit more than this, so it’s a happy medium. Has quiet-practice felt rail, comes with matching bench, and was made in Japan.

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