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1980 YUA 52” Yamaha Silent piano




Large music desk, agraffes, grand piano style fallbord. Has a “silent rail” that prevents the hammers from hitting the strings, so it becomes entirely truly silent, while maintaining the physical piano action. Then you can put on headphones and listen to a “digital” piano, to play silently. The YUA is very similar to the Yamaha U3 with a couple of design differences: The most noticeable is the folding music stand which is integrated into the top panel instead of being fixed to the fallboard like it is on the U3. The music stand is hinged and pulls part of the top panel away from the panel. Yamaha Y-series pianos are a step above the U-series. The “YU” in the model name is claimed by some to mean that the piano was “hand finished”. Internally, the bass strings are longer on the UX models than the standard U3 model pianos, eve though the pianos are the same in height. Yamaha have achieved this by curving the bridge at the bottom of the piano. Higher grade wood and felt are used on hammers and dampers on all UX models. Due to the expense and extra cost, Yamaha stopped making pianos with the X-brace. That scarcity value can increase the piano’s relative price, therefore the UX series are often more expensive than the U series model. The X means this model has an X-Shaped wooden support frame around the back, which some claim gives a better sound.

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