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1999 Baldwin Concert 6000




Rent this for $95 per month!

THIS IS A BIG BALDWIN! (See first image - it’s supposed to be funny.) Jokes aside, you don’t often see a full-size Baldwin upright from the end of the USA era. Shortly after this, all Baldwin uprights were made in China. Baldwin consoles and classroom-style studios abound, and are well loved for their solid construction and steady tone. But this 52” Upright is a tier above those, in both build and sound. We haven’t finished reconditioning it yet, but rest assured that this newer piano will look and sound great, and will deliver the kind of reliability for which Yamaha and Kawai uprights are coveted. Full size action like this is the best for touch, playability, and refinement. Comes with matching original bench, and made entirely in the USA!

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