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1987 Young Chang G-213




This 7’ Young Chang is… well, we’re not really supposed to say this… a copy of the Steinway B. In the 80’s Young Chang was trying really hard to make a great name for themselves, and they turned out a lot of very nice instruments. This piano is a LOT of bang for the buck. It’s all made is South Korea, but contains as much of the ingenuity and design that they could extrapolate from its parent instrument. The result is this piano with crystal-clarity throughout the entire range, a huge booming yet mellow bass, and a singing mid range suitable for any kind of player and music. We have refined the action so the touch is again as delicate as new, but it was already quite good to begin with. There’s plenty of life left in the hammers, and there are no mechanical problems. It checks all the boxes for being a quality instrument that will last for many decades to come.

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