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1892 Steinway C - 88 notes



$17,495 Sale! $15,495 ♫ (audio sample inside)

Full History at this link This Model C is Serial #73505, manufactured in 1892 and has 88 notes. It lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains for many years. The action was unplayable when I purchased it, so I never heard this instrument’s potential before purchase. Before making big decisions about how far to restore this piano, I wanted to hear the tone of the original soundboard. So I installed gently used 20-year-old authentic Steinway action parts to be able to play it, and updated the damper underlevers with metal receptacles to hold the dampers securely. The piano plays well-enough now to hear what it can do. I would judge the soundboard to have 75-80% of its original sustain remaining. It was re-strung and refinished quite some time ago (estimate 50 years) but is fully functional as is, and of course worthy of extensive restoration if desired.

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