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1996 Rieger-Kloss Studio - demichippendale




Rent this for $88 per month!

What do you mean, “I’ve never heard of Riger-Kloss”? It’s America’s favorite piano of the Eastern Bloc! Okay, maybe that’s not really a thing, and it WAS built after the USSR – But this piano was made in the old Petrof factory in the Czech Republic, and has some coveted characteristics of the European piano: agraffes all through the treble, gentle tone, Renner hammers, and a unique style. The finish is described as “demichippendale” which you can unpack yourself, but it certainly does look nice. It has a form of the regal French Provincial legs (original bench too), combined with a Euro-style fallboard and music desk. The top/lid has a lid-prop to help with projection if desired, and also a felt-mute rail for quieter practicing - same design as Petrof (more than a few similarities). The hammers have a ton of life left in them - hardly played. Please take note in the pictures, there’s a bit of veneer damage below the left pedal. It’s under 2 square inches. The rest of the finish is good!

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