Santa Cruz Piano Santa Cruz Piano, Boulder Creek, CA

Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains
Open by Appointment, Give us a call at 831-338-4174
Email: Cell: 650.380.6012

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Steinway A2Gloss Mahogany Tulip Leg6'21899New Soundboard, Action,Bridges, finish, pinblock$39,000
Steinway LGloss Ebony5'111923New Finish, Action, Strings$32,000
Steinway ASatin Ebony6'41916New Finish,Original Strings and action.$29,000
Steinway MSatin Mahogany5'71921New Strings. Nice tone Great orig. soundboard New Finish$19,950
Steinway LMahogany5'11192525 yr finish, strings, action orig$19,750
Yamaha C7Satin Ebony7'61976New finish, strings, hammers$19,995
BrodmannGloss Ebony 6'12008BG-187, New 10yr warranty$16,500
FalconeGloss Ebony6'1"2007New 10yr Warranty$10,500
FalconeGloss Mahogany5'8"2007New 10yr Warranty$9,445
FalconeSatin Ebony5'4"2007New 10yr Warranty$8,495
FalconeGloss Walnut5'2007New 10yr Warranty$7,550
Young ChangGloss Ebony6'12007Excellent condition$7,900
SohmerMahogany 6'01926 Nice Finish-good condition$3,900
BrodmannGloss Ebony 472007BU-121 Brand new Compare to U1 SALE $4,750
BrodmannGloss Ebony 502007BU-125 10 yr. Warranty. Euro tone SALE $5,550
FalconeSatin Cherry52"2007New 10yr Warranty$3,900
FalconeGloss Ebony48"2007New 10yr Warranty$3,750
FalconeGloss Mahogany47"2007New 10yr Warranty$3,495
FalconeSatin Walnut46"2007New 10yr Warranty$3,195
FalconeSatin Ebony46"2007New 10yr Warranty$2,995
Yamaha ConsoleAmerican Pecan43 1982 Flange cords replaced $2,495
Yamaha ConsoleFruitwood43 1969 Made in Japan$1,950
Baldwin 243 Stu.Satin Walnut 45 1980 A Classic Workhorse $1,945
Baldwin 243 Stu.Satin Oak 45 1980Refinished, Natural Look $1,945
Story & ClarkOak 40" 1974Unique Cabinet Design$1,495
Baldwin SpinetPecan 36 1975 It's a Baldwin $ 895
Aeolian PlayerOak 45 1981 All works. Lots `O Fun $1,195
EverettBlond Oak 45 1960's Another ugly workhorse Can Rent $1,150
Wing & SonsOak 54 1902 5 Pedal collectors item $4,450
Mason & HamlinOak 50 1887 Rare screw stringer model $4,950
Mason & HamlinMahogany 50 1903Refinished Satin $3,500
Steinway B 7'
Steinway O 5'11"
Mason & Hamlin A 5'8"
Baldwin 5'8"

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